Indian School Fujairah (ISF) was established in 1980. ISF promulgates a novel system of education suitable to different nationalities, in line with its vision of being committed to change. With a team of dynamic, dedicated and trained professionals, the school envisages to bring a child up in an environment congenial to systematic and serious study. ISF does not intend to inflate the ego of a student by awarding superficial grades and impart affected education, instead, endeavours to expose the child to the time tested, tougher but interesting methods of learning. Our unique system of education is scientific in its approach and practical in application.


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While a “limited number” of the UK strain of Covid-19 was found in the UAE, a top health official said several variants are already detected in the country. “Strains are common and, yes, various strains have been detected — but with these small changes, the treatment, management and vaccination method remain the same,” Dr Nawal Al Kaabi, Chairperson, National Covid-19 Clinical Management Committee, said. “The difference with the most recent strain is its increased transmission rate,” said Dr Nawal, the Principal Investigator of Phase III Clinical Trial.
Medical experts in the UAE have reassured the public that hospitals are able to detect the new Covid virus strain through their RT-PCR tests. This means “there won’t be false negatives” in case one contracts the new variant, they said. Hospitals, however, clarified that they are unable to differentiate between the original and the new strain via the conventional PCR tests. They can detect both SARS-CoV-2 — the virus causing Covid-19 — and its new variant VOC-202012/01, but cannot determine exactly which variant has infected a person. A person who caught the new strain will test positive and shall be provided with a treatment regime as offered to any other patient with the Covid-19 infection.
WhatsApp has extended the deadline by which its two billion users must either accept its updated terms and conditions or stop using the service. The original cut-off date was 8 February, but users now have until 15 May to take action. The firm was criticised for sending the notification, which seemed to suggest changes to the data it would share with its parent company Facebook. It said there had been "confusion" about its message. Since the announcement and notifications went out across its platform, millions of people around the world have downloaded alternative encrypted messaging apps such as Signal and Telegram.
The average global temperature across the year was around 14.9C, putting it around 1.2C above the average between 1850-1900. The 10 years from 2011-2020 were the warmest decade on record. The warmest six years on record have all occurred since 2015. The differences between the top three, 2020, 2019 and 2016 are "indistinguishably small".

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