• Indian School Fujairah was established in 1980. ISF promulgates a novel system of education suitable to different nationalities.
  • With a team of dynamic, dedicated and trained professionals, the school envisages to bring a child up in an environment congenial to systematic and serious study.
  • ISF does not intend to inflate the ego of a student by awarding superficial grades and impart affected education, instead, endeavours to expose the child to the time tested, tougher but interesting methods of learning. Our unique system of education is scientific in its approach and practical in application.


Mr. Abubaker Al-Hashmi is an Emirati businessman and a founder, as well as an operator of several educational initiatives in the UAE, since 1985. He has established a strong foundation for education institutions through startups, mergers and acquisitions in UAE, Yemen and East Africa, which serves the community from kindergarten all through to college and university. In all his educational endeavors, affiliations with world-renowned awarding bodies, universities and colleges have been created with the schools and colleges he has established. Mr. Abubaker took over the leadership of Indian School Fujairah in 1993, and as with his other ventures, he has led ISF from strength to strength, and continues to guide the school into emerging as an industry-leader in educational innovation and sound practice.


To prepare students for a pleasant and caring environment, where they achieve fullest potential to excel in academics, cultural and sports activities.
ISF … Committed to change!


To provide opportunities to the students, to inculcate sets of competencies, to excel in academics, extra curricular activities and to cultivate sportsman spirit in life which helps them to enjoy a productive, fulfilling and enriching social and moral values

Scheme of Education

  • The medium of instruction is English. The text books selected promote teaching of English as a comprehensive course designed to achieve excellent skills in language application and practice, suitable even to students coming from non - English medium background.
  • Other Languages: Arabic, Malayalam, Urdu, Hindi, Bangla. Moral Instruction: Islamic Studies for Muslim students and Moral Science for other communities form an important part of our educational system.

School Working Hours

  • K.G: 7.300 a.m - 12 Noon
  • Grade 1 to 12: 7.30 a.m - 2.00 p.m
  • Office (Sunday to Thursday): 7.30 a.m - 2.00 p.m